Napoli Sauce


ingredients | suggested amounts

canned/diced tomatoes | four x 400g cans
minced/finely grated garlic cloves | five cloves
brunoised (finely diced) onion | one
sugar | one tablespoon
olive oil

1. heat olive oil in a large heavy-based saucepan.

2. add garlic & finely chopped thyme
cook until golden.

3. add onion
cook until translucent and tender.

4. add canned tomatoes, salt & sugar.

5. simmer for thirty minutes.




pizza dough – 4 large pizzas

dry yeast -7g/1 sachet
plain flour (00)
olive oil

a good video can be found here.

topping – chicken

thinly sliced chicken breast
napoli/tomato sauce (recipe here) | stir with pasta for extra meal
basil leaves
mozzarella cheese
sliced onion
sliced kalamatta olives

topping – pulled pork

pulled pork (see recipe)
bbq sauce
sliced mushroom (thick so they won’t burn)
sliced onion

1. This recipe will skip teaching pizza dough making. Refer to the video and one will be added to this site in the following weeks.

Serious pizza makers should consider investing in a baking stone (quite cheap from your local homewares store).
Pizza is cooked at 250°c for approximately 8 minutes (keep an eye on it).