Pizza, Hotdogs & Tacos! Oh My!


…And it’s already f****n Friday.

I wanted to nail some, to me anyway, iconic “junk food” items. Sure, these items can just be grabbed at your local guzman, but why not funk it up at home a touch?

Amounts aren’t given for produce items or items where it really is up to the cook. Create your dishes how you like them, where you want them to go.

It’s also an excellent time (in Australia at any rate) to start growing a herb garden if you’re able. It’s such minimal work for maximum payoff and frees your wallet in the long run.
My picks are: Parsley, Thyme, Sage, Rosemary, Basil, Coriander & Mint.
rosemary and thyme are woodier plants, thus will take much longer to establish a root system than many others, so be patient with them.
watch your sage and mint and be prepared to throw it away or start throwing weekly mojito parties! These guys grow like crazy. 


homemade pizza (chicken/bbq pulled pork)
pulled pork and zesty slaw tacos
kransky hotdogs with “sauerkraut”


mix’n’match ideas.
replace kransky with pulled pork in buns.
replace taco shells with mini burger buns for cheeky sliders.
pulled pork & cheese toasties.

shopping list.

pork roast
chicken breast

red cabbage
coriander (or now is a good time to start growing your own)
thyme (see the note for coriander)

mozzarella cheese
mini tortillas/hard shell tacos
olive oil
canola (vegetable) oil
white vinegar
chilli powder
garlic powder
onion powder
fennel seeds
dry yeast
plain flour (00)

please note: future recipes may assume ownership of these items.



Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 3.25.44 pm

Vichyssoise. One of my favourite soups (Followed closely by a legit Pea-&-Ham).

A potato and leek soup that is served chilled is an excellent addition to hot weather, or as an appetiser at a dinner party.

Vichyssoise (Pronounced Vishy-Swarz) is ridiculously easy to make when how tasty the final product is, is taken into consideration.

Being my second post I will warn you immediately that I am a Larousse-Whore, meaning that in most of my posts I will reference the book. This is not a personal preference however, as this book is over 80 years old and is still regarded as the Bible of Cooking.

I took the recipe straight from Larousse and my very first attempt came out soup-erbly. (Yeah that just happened. *ahem* movingrightalong)

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